January 6, 2012

Wilson's BBQ - Fairfield, Connecticut

When I found out this place existed right on the Post Road, I was all about making plans to go and eat there.  This place was later featured on the Food TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri.

When I walked in, the first thing that struck me was how small the restaurant was.  Seriously speaking, I'd be shocked if 30 people could fit inside of this place and eat comfortably.  I say 30...but even with 25 people, this place will seem very crowded.

I ordered a brisket sandwich and my friend ordered the pulled pork sandwich.  Both sandwiches came with slaw and a pickle.  I tasted the pulled pork, after eating my brisket sandwich, and neither meat had much of a smoke flavor...which disappointed me.  However, the sauces here were very good.  The vinegar-based sauce for the pulled pork was nice and watery, just the way I like it.  It would have tasted better had more red pepper been added to it, for more of a kick.  Eastern NC sauce rocks.

Each sandwich was roughly $9.  Kind of pricy.  But then again, we're talking Fairfield, Connecticut here.
I went back a second time and had the burnt ends, which were really shredded brisket (I've never seen this before).  Burnt ends are usually chunked-up pieces of the "point" (a muscle on the brisket) that are smothered in BBQ sauce, wrapped in foil, and placed back on the smoker for a another couple of hours until they literally fall apart.  They're great.  But that's not what you'll find here.  A co-worker of mine ordered the baby back ribs and gave me one.  The ribs were very good - not "fall-off-the-bone," which is the way I like them.  All BBQ ribs should allow you to bite into them and give them a slight pull.  I dislike soft rib meat.  Not very appetizing.

Overall, I'd say Wilson's is worth a visit.


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