January 5, 2012

Cowgirl BBQ - Santa Fe, New Mexico

I arrived at Cowgirl's on a Tuesday night around 7pm.   The atmosphere was cool. Very Southwestern feel. Just what one would expect.

Dining area
We were greeted by many of the waitresses upon entering the restaurant.  We were then asked what we wanted to drink.

I went with a Porter which was very tasty...I loved the roasted flavor.  Dark beer is my thing.   One of my friends ordered the same Porter and really enjoyed it.

For dinner, I ordered a Filet Mignon burrito.  I am not one for very hot food, but wanted to have a Southwestern meal my first time in New Mexico, so I went with the "Christmas" (green and red chiles) on my plate.
Filet Mignon Burrito - Christmas Style
Our food came out roughly 10 minutes after ordering and it had looked really good.  My burrito was cooked well and the peppers added a significant amount of heat to the platter.  I got through it all and enjoyed my meal.

One of my friends ordered the Chic-o-licious Mac and Cheese, which came with the biggest baked potato I had ever seen!  He had no complaints.

I decided I needed something else to drink so I went with the Mangorita after looking at the many margarita choices on the drink menu. Mango also happens to be my favorite fruit, which factored into the decision juuust slightly.  This was sort of frozen - not my style - with pureed mango.  My friend went with Horny Toad Margarita and said it tasted like a normal margarita.

My only gripe here were the overweight "Cowgirls"/waitresses. Only one looked like she took care of herself.

Our waitress, on the other hand, practically spilled her boobs onto my plate every time she came over. They were all over the place.  No reason to try to market this place that way.

I enjoyed dinner here and would certainly go back for some eats.

Check out their Cajun menu as well.  At the time it was available 'til April of 2010. The Jambalaya my friend had was really good and he ordered it with scallops.

Cowgirl BBQ isn't a traditional BBQ restaurant, but close enough for me to list it here on my blog.  The Southwestern food at this place is great!


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