January 5, 2012

Casey's Buffet & BBQ - Wilmington, North Carolina

This place has everything, seriously.

You will eat until you feel sick here.  Tons of food available.

This place is a hole in the wall.  It looks very rustic inside.  The buffet is toward the back of the restaurant.  It's like heaven when you walk into it.

I had tons of food, from fried chicken, to the pulled pork, to fried okra (for the first time ever).  There are mashed potatoes, corn, ribs, rice, gravy, mac & cheese, biscuits, and so many other things I can't even remember!

Their cobbler is great.  Great!  I saw two different kinds of cobbler when I ate there.  And had both.

The waitress was very nice and showed me around the place, as it was my first time there.  They thought I was lost...

Highly recommend this place if you have $12 and want to eat a ton.


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