January 6, 2012

Jackson's Big Oak BBQ - Wilmington, North Carolina

This place was awesome - especially that gigantic oak tree out back!  Hence the name "Big Oak" BBQ.

It has an old school, rustic look to it, both inside and outside.  Take out and eat in.

I ordered the sampler for $11.99, which consists of: 1/4 chicken, ribs (4), pulled pork, and Brunswick stew with a side of veggies and candied yams.  The candied yams here were REALLY good!

Four ribs, a healthy portion of chicken (two pieces), and about 1/3 lb of pork.  Hush puppies and a fried potato accompanied the sampler.. The Brunswick stew had a peppery bite to it and was very enjoyable.

The staff knew I was from out of town and made me very comfortable.  They also answered every question I had about the types of food they make and some of the names I wasn't familiar with.

The sauces available were their traditional Eastern Carolina vinegar and the other "sauce" nothing but apple cider vinegar!   I brought some of their EC vinegar sauce back to the Northeast to enjoy with my smoked pulled pork.
Awesome, awesome place to eat BBQ.


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