January 6, 2012

Dreamland BBQ - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dreamland BBQ was on my list even before I arrived in Alabama.  After all, this is the South we're talking about here.  And what better to do than to eat good ol' BBQ when in the South?

The Dreamland in Tuscaloosa (near University of Alabama - ROLLLLL TIDE) is a rustic-looking place.  I opened the door and immediately caught a wiff of smoked goodness.  It got me even hungrier than I was before walking in.

I went with a pulled pork sandwich and it could not have been better.  The hickory flavor on the meat was beyond fantastic.  Their sauce was a bit different for me, as I am used to thinner, Eastern NC sauce on pulled pork, but Dreamland's sauce was a hit.  Had a bit of tomato in it.  I purchased a jar of sauce to take home with me and use on my own smoked pulled pork.  All of my friends loved the sauce.


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