January 6, 2012

The Pit - Raleigh, North Carolina

One word - overrated.

If you're looking for good, traditional, and REAL BBQ, this isn't the place.

For as much of a bad rap "Holy Smokes" gets in Raleigh, I enjoyed it much more than The Pit.

The Pit is a commercial restaurant.  Very commercial.  Nothing like the "authentic" BBQ joints I've been to across the country.

The bar is your typical, fancy bar.  The decor is modern.  The lighting is that of a Manhattan restaurant.  Oh, and the food isn't real BBQ.

This wasn't the worst food I ever had - it was just not what I had expected.

I ordered the "BBQ Pulled Pork" dish.  My two sides were mixed veggies and candied yams.  Overall, the food was pleasant, but the pork was nowhere near BBQ'd.  No smoke ring(s) on the meat.  No smoke flavor.  Looked and tasted like it had just come right out of the oven.  That's when I asked the bartender if it was smoked and he mentioned no.  The meat is "slow-cooked" in an oven.  Bummer.

Oh, and they do not have brisket on the menu.

I had their Porter, which wasn't bad.  It wasn't a beer they brewed but I believe it was locally brewed (in the state of North Carolina).  It went well with my dinner.

If you're looking for traditional, smoky BBQ, look somewhere else.


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