January 6, 2012

Rudy's BBQ - San Antonio, Texas

Plain and simple.  This place rocks.  Rudy's is one of the top-three BBQ joints I've had the pleasure of eating at.  I love this place.

I walked in and was greeted by a big cooler to the right of the food line that contained many ice-cold beers.  What do I normally do when I eat BBQ in Texas?  I accompany it with a Shiner Bock - one of Texas' own fine beers. 

The employees gave me a sample of the smoked turkey.  For my sides, I went with the beans and creamed corn (damn, this was good),  I ordered brisket, ribs, and chicken.  Yup.  I ate all of it, too.  That food went well with the Shiner Bock.  Their sauce was very good...Too bad I didn't buy some to bring back to the East Coast.

This place makes PERFECT BBQ.  When you walk into this place, you'll see what looks like a chimney.  It's a chimney alright.  A chimney that has mesquite running through it after it has seasoned the pit with its beautiful flavor.

I liked the rustic environment and how they give you a loaf of bread.  Yes, an entire loaf of sliced white bread!  Insane.

I'd definitely go back the next time I visit San Antonio.


  1. It's been 10 years since I was last in Texas and still crave Rudy's. Thanks for your post, it made my mouth water. www.worldfamilytravellers.blogspot.com