January 5, 2012

Smoke and Bones - Derby, Connecticut

Smoke and Bones is a new barbeque joint located in Derby, Connecticut.  I always support local food joints, so I went to try this one and here's what I thought.

Three-meat combo - Ribs, Brisket, & Chicken
The BBQ places I have eaten at will foil meats and slice a la carte.  Smoke & Bones preps the food and stores food in heating trays.  Something I have not seen at BBQ restaurants.

I ordered the three-meat special with two sides.  For meats, I chose ribs, brisket, chicken.  My sides were macaroni & cheese and beans.

Ribs:  Many people like their ribs "fall-off-the-bone tender."  That's what you will find here.  I like ribs with just a bit of toughness to them but that's just me.  Overall, ribs were not bad but if you were looking for smoke flavor, it was not there.

Brisket: If I am being honest, the brisket was very, very fatty.  When I smoke brisket, most of the fat renders and it comes out super tender.  Almost every bite included pieces of fat that I had to dispose of.  But the smoke flavor was there on the slices that had meat on them.  This brisket sat in its juices in one of the heating trays at the counter.  Not very appetizing upon walking in and seeing that, but I was hungry - what was I going to do?  Besides, I wanted to give this place a shot!

Chicken: The smoked chicken was the best of the three.  Smokey, not dry, and seasoned well.  No complaints there.  I love it.  It's very easy to over-smoke and over-cook chicken in the smoker.  Well done!

Mac & cheese: I dig this stuff.  Not very creamy/cheesy, but full of flavor.  Definitely try this stuff!

Beans: The beans had a distinct taste.  I really couldn't tell exactly what it was.  It tasted like some sort of pepper but I couldn't nail it.

Overall, I think Smoke & Bones definitely has room for improvement. But that's expected - this place is brand new!  I think they will change a few things based on reviews and customer feedback.  Every business does to an extent.

I'd definitely go back as there are still some items I'd like to try, such as the fried chicken and pulled pork.

And Ii there's one thing I'd recommend in terms of a new menu item, it would have to be smoked turkey!


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