January 20, 2012

Andy Nelson's Southern Pit Barbeque - Cockeysville, Maryland

You know you're at a real BBQ joint when you arrive and see and smell the wood out back!  Andy Nelson's BBQ is AWESOME.  It's one of the better BBQ joints I've ever eaten at.

I ordered a meal for lunch - chopped turkey sandwich with two sides (mac & cheese, beans) along with a 1/4 lb. of brisket.  The turkey was good but my only gripe about the sandwich was that the turkey was smothered in BBQ sauce.  I wish it was served dry, allowing one to put any kind of sauce and any amount of sauce desired onto the sandwich.

The brisket is sliced very thin and I actually liked it.  I usually slice my brisket thicker but I have no complaints!  It was juicy and tender and had a nice smoke ring.

The Mac was pretty good.  Not 100% sure if it was "homemade," but it certainly looked like it was.  The pit beans were also good.  They had a bit of a bite to them.  Not much heat, so don't be too scared.  But definitely a kick at the end.

The restaurant itself has a lot of charm to it.  Pictures of hogs and other BBQ-related things are everywhere.  Great atmosphere for a BBQ restaurant especially one in rural MD.  I love it.


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